Kuala Lumpur is a city renowned for its escort service. When you feel like having sex in Kuala Lumpur you have practically the entire Asian community to choose from. Most escort agencies in Kuala Lumpur are able to supply China escorts, Vietnam escorts, Indonesia escorts and Philippines escorts. Occasionally, you can also get Russian escorts, African escorts as well as Indian escorts. The best part of it all is that you don’t even have to leave your hotel or house as out-call escort agencies in Kuala Lumpur deliver to your doorstep 365 days from 12pm – 6am. Isn’t that convenient? Escort service in Kuala Lumpur is affordable, safe and discreet thus making it ideal for expatriates, tourists as well as locals. This is especially true for local ethic Malays who rarely visit saunas, brothels or spas. The availability of out-call escort service ensures men will never be deprived of sex again in Kuala Lumpur.

How To Go About It

Out-call escort service refers to adult join which is delivered to you. Escort agencies offering such services do not have a fix location hence the first thing you need to do is to find a place where you want these escort agencies to deliver the girls. It could be your hotel, your house or even your office. A suitable place would be one whereby you feel comfortable. Ideally, the place should have shower facilities so that both you and the girl can wash up.

Once you have arranged a place give these escort agencies a call and tell them what you want. The escort agencies we have listed on this site are reasonably priced and quite trustworthy. The services they offer will serve all your needs. Do visit their websites for further details.

Escorts Industry Rules

The sex industry in Kuala Lumpur is governed by industry rules. These rules ensure the orderly function of the industry and is standardized. The purpose of such guidelines is to protect the welfare of service providers (escort agencies), escorts as well as clients. This is a good thing so that uninformed clients will not be cheated by unscrupulous agents. The best guidelines are offered by 6 Star Escort. Their contents are original, professional while informative. Other than 6 Star Escort other great sites include 168 Escort, Chinatown Escort and Kuala Lumpur Hotel Escort. Each of these escort agencies offer informative content which is unique and useful to the public.

What To Avoid

From our experience (as a group of expatriates residing in Kuala Lumpur) we do not like service providers who hang around hotels, streets and bars as these agents do not have accountability. They will promise you the sky and the moon but when something goes wrong they will disappear. We tried these agents and found that those on the streets are unreliable. They will promise you EXTRA long hours but when girls leave early or when something goes terribly wrong they will off their phones. The girl’s bosses will talk to us and the usual story is that what we pay is only for X amount of hours. The X amount of hours is far less than what these agents on the street promised. Sometimes we wish to inform the public who they are so that you will not be cheated by them but unfortunately they don’t even have a website. Perhaps that is why they do not have websites as they do as they wish. So the basic rule is avoid escort service providers who solicit business on the streets, in front of bars or outside hotels as they do not have websites and we cannot hold them accountable. Don’t be tempted by the fantastic deals they offer as it is not worth it.